Couldn't be happier for many many reasons. First thing I want to thank their amazing staff for saving Rocco's life - I will forever remember the compassion and understanding everyone showed me. Second, I see all these reviews complaining about money but no one thanks these amazing people for being there all hours of the day and night or for saving their pet's lives. The last thing it seems when Rocco became I'll that I am the only person smart enough who called around and got prices. This is why I am confused about so many people complaining about money. Wachusett was much cheaper then every other emergency hospital I called, they were almost half as expensive as some. This doesn't make sense to me, people are so concerned about money but aren't smart enough to call around and get prices and then complain they paid too much in the end with nothing to compare it sad

Liz C

Thank you WAH for saving our girls. Dr. Ransom and all the vet techs that cared for Charlotte and Sallie literally saved their lives. The poisoning they encountered was a certain death sentence but because of all of your care they are still with us today. Thank you is the least I can say.

James T.

What every animal hospital should be! They took such wonderful care of my dog Petey! Highly recommended this place.

Christine J

There are not enough words to show how much we are thankful to the emergency staff! We have brought two cats in so far with emergencies and the latest one was due to active seizures. Not only did they help my little man but they put our minds at ease! He's not out of the woods yet but he is getting better! Thank you all for what you do!!!!

Joyce K

Although, a very sad experience to say goodbye to our family cat, the doctor Jackie and her assistant we extremely skilled and compassionate. We had to make a decision we didn't take lightly and Dr. Jackie was upfront, factual, and unbiased. One of the saddest days my husband and I experienced was made tolerable because how well trained she was and because she didn't rush us to make a decision. The hospital was extremely busy but she remained calm and respectful. This all coming from a facility that we had never visited to prior to this experience. Today we received a sympathy card with caring words which was very thoughtful. They understood how awful that night was for us. I highly recommend Wachusett Animal Hospital. THANK YOU DR. JACKIE and Assistant (I'm sorry I forgot his name]. You are wonderful caring people!

Sallie R

Very nice and caring staff. Made my stressed dog comfortable right away and let me be at his side the whole time...

Samantha G

Thank you to Dr. Ransom and staff who were compassionate and caring when we brought our 18 year old cat in two weeks ago. We knew it was time for him to leave us and we are sure he couldn't have been in more caring hands. Thank you for helping us say goodbye to our beloved pet.

Nikki F

Doggy day care is awesome Miss Kay and the girls are incredible hands down the best place to leave your dog!!!

Derek F

I came to them with my beautiful 13 year old lab/husky. She was sick and getting worse by the minute. The staff was beyond compassionate. They told me she was not doing well and I had to make the decision to put her down. Baby was not just a dog but a member of our family. We loved her dearly and this was the hardest thing we have had to do. We had family come to see her one last time and wahpr was very patient and let us take our time with her. The process I thought would be so terrible. . But she went peacefully and I cant say enough how grateful we are for that. My family and I thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, though we are grieving we are relieved that we had you all to help us through.

Vicky C

Thank you to Dr. Ransom and the staff for their compassion last night as I had to decide to say goodbye to my beloved Buddy, a 12 year old Chocolate Lab. They truly showed me that they cared about him, treated him with dignity and understood the grief I was feeling. Though this was the toughest decision I had to make, they gave me all the facts to make an educated decision, never once pushing me in either direction. Thank you for taking the imprint of his paw as that will be a lasting memory of my Buddy. God bless you all.

Chris K

Our pet chinchilla ChiChi, had a eye injury. He had to have eye surgery. They took excellent care of our chinchilla. His eye is now all better and he is very healthy. I would recommend Dr. Ransom for all your chinchilla health needs.

Marie H

Compassionate, attentive, flexible, friendly, professional, top of the line, and reasonably priced!

Hadassah B

Brought both of my dogs here for the first time today to be groomed and we will definitely be coming back. The staff is super friendly and took very good care of my dogs.

Kayla M

Thank you for everything you have done for our puppy Alex, she is resting comfortably (well as comfortably as you can with pieces of metal sticking out of your leg). She's very happy to be at home with her people, and we're very happy she's here with us. Here's hoping she had learned her lesson about running after cars.

Anna C

Our dog juniper wasn't feeling well she was vomiting and had diarrhea so we brought her to wah and pet retreat .we brought her here because we were pleased with there compassion and love for our juniper from a previous visit last year and now this visit. So myself marybeth and juniper are very greatful you and your staff helped her feel better.

John B

Had an amazing experience with this vet yesterday (as amazing as having to bring your dog to the vet for an emergency as one could have). My dog and myself are visiting family and she had been sick all day yesterday and was getting worried and unable to contact her vet in Hawaii. I was recommended here by a family friend. They were so sweet and answered all my questions and walked me through ALL my options to help me decide what was best for me and my pup. They gave her fluids under her skin when I expressed my concerns for her not drinking and sent me home with medications to try. They even told me if she needed to come back they could set up a sort of pen with gates since she has horrible anxiety in a kennel. thankfully she was better today and didn't need to go back by they called to check on her twice today! I'm so thankful for being referred to them and for the amazing patience and care of Of the staff here! My dog is so nervous with new people and even sick she loved them!?

Bailey May N

Always amazing. Great staff, they always treat my puppy like their own! Stitches and wound care, always made him comfortable!

DeeDee G

My pup maddie had her first day of daycare yesterday and when we picked her up she was all smiles! I am at peace leaving her with such awesome people, I know she will always be watched and having fun there! They always do an awesome job at her visits as well!

Betsy Rose P

Very nice people. Very good job evaluating my dog. Was an emergency call. Price was very reasonable. I'll be back there I'm sure.

William H

They have taken great care of our dog during emergencies and for boarding/daycare. He loves going there!

Christopher J

My dog Bella loves coming here! Everyone greats her and knows her because of her various hospital stays. They are very compassionate about animals and understanding. When Bella was sick at only 2 months old they took great care of her and let me call whenever to check on her and make sure she was alright. Would recommend to everyone!!

Christina May K

Thank you to Dr. Ransom and the staff for their compassion last night as I had to decide to say goodbye to my beloved Buddy, a 12 year old Chocolate Lab. They truly showed me that they cared about him, treated him with dignity and understood the grief I was feeling. Though this was the toughest decision I had to make, they gave me all the facts to make an educated decision, never once pushing me in either direction. Thank you for taking the imprint of his paw as that will be a lasting memory of my Buddy. God bless you all.

Chris K

Everyone was so kind I thank all of them for being supportive.

Chris L

Awesome experience. They took brady right away and kept me updated every step of the way

Brian D

I lost my baby girl Sema unexpectedly on 9/30/16. Their patience, empathy and thoughtfulness was not overlooked. Today I received a sympathy card handwritten from the staff and the doctor. Sema was my soul mate and they were able to not only appreciate that but treated her with dignity and respect. Although I wish I never met them (for Sema would be here with me still) given the circumstances I cannot fathom going through this with any other facility. If I could give them 10 stars I would.

Tracy D

A few days ago my pregnant shepherd had a major problem during birth. The people at wachusset saved my baby girl and her puppies and did so for the most part free because we did not have the money to cover the costs. These people care more about our animals then money. Thank you for saving my baby girl Sarah and her pups

Bob F

We went because my dog got attacked. They were ready for us when we arrived. Everyone from the receptionists to the doc's were amazing. They were very informative and had a great bed side manner. We're planning on switching our regular vet to there because they're so amazing!!

Jessica C

Thank you to all your staff that were on duty from Jan 23rd thru Mon morning the 24th. You put our hearts and minds at ease. It was a tough road but Juliet has recovered 99%. Juliets loved ones are forever grateful.

Laura S

I cannot say enough good things about my experience tonight. My bulldog got a laceration on her leg and we needed to go to the "emergency room." The doctor and the techs were wonderful. I was more upset than my dog, lol, but they reassured me she was going to be alright and answered my million questions. I was expecting a HUGE bill and was pleasantly surprised at the very reasonable amount I paid. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful emergency facility in this area

Allison L

Rave says Thank you WAHPR staff for being there for her in the wee hours this morning, and helping her welcome her little New Years girls into the world safely.

Sarah P

Recently we had to make the horrible decision that it was time to say goodbye to our 15 year old dog Morri. Although we had moved, we kept his vet over an hour away so as to not disrupt his care. When he clearly showed us signs it was his time, his own vet was away and we turned to Wachusett Animal Hospital for help. Thank you to all of you for being so sweet with us and him in our time of need. You helped make the most difficult decision a little easier and I cannot express how much that meant to us.

Sue M

Renee, myself, and my son E.J. want to thank the entire staff for the help making it easier for are beloved Sophie to cross over the rainbow bride. It was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Again thank you and your staff very much.

Eric P

I would like to thank Dr. Katherine Ransom and the wonderful staff at Wachusett Animal Hospital for the wonderful way they took care of our furry family member. We had to put our 20 year old cat to sleep last night. As horrible as that is, Dr. Katherine Ransom and her staff made it bearable and we can't thank them enough.

Nicole N

Dr Wong and staff, from the bottom of my heart "THANK YOU" for taking care of Sassy and returning her to us. She is in so many ways the best part of our family. The Tule Family.

Carol T

I just wanted to say Thank you to everyone at Wachusett for saving my baby Trixie from a life threatening bee sting, they were wonderful with her and us. She is 100% back to herself, thank you to all the staff

Denise G

Monday night we were faced with a devastating situation with our little fur baby. Came home to find him in respiratory distress, unable to get his breathe. After calling Wachusett Animal we were told to come right in. The techs were wonderful with him and thoroughly explained everything to us. After meeting with the doctor it was determined that our baby had a heart murmur and congenitive heart failure. We were faced with a decision that we never expected. The doctor explained the process of euthanization to our family and was able to prepare our children for the situation that was about to occur. We held our baby till he crossed the rainbow bridge. Thank you everyone involved for helping us through this and treating our best friend with outstanding care.

Heather B

I thank the staff at Wachusett Animal Hospital for being incredibly attentive and sensitive at a time when it's so hard to keep it together. I never want to go back, but I am grateful they are there and doing the hard work that they do. I had to bring my darling dog to be euthanized in the middle of the night as he was failing and suffering. They were beyond kind and gave me plenty of time and handled the details with sensitivity. I was so grateful for the paw print they offered- there are so many little things we don't think of when we are enjoying the love and companionship of our pets, and this is something I always meant to do. The print was beyond expectation...lovingly created and painted in green, which happens to be the color of his coats, his tag and collar and the person who did this for me, and for him , couldn't have known that but the detail in it means so much to me. I thank you, kind soul. (To anyone complaining about how all they care about is money, well, I don't work for free and I expect these professionals have families to take care of as well, and the need to be upfront about costs is honest and right, as clients can then make informed decisions about care for their pets and what is reasonable for them individually, as opposed to just dropping a massive, unexpected bill. They are available 24 hours a day and everyone I encountered was professional, competent and also sensitive and understanding. They have very hard jobs and I don't think anyone can do it if they don't really love animals. )


We needed their emergency services today and we were very happy they were there for us when we had to make a difficult decision to put our dog down. All of the staff was professional and compassionate. Thank you!

Janet B.

Thank you WAH for saving our girls. Dr. Ransom and all the vet techs that cared for Charlotte and Sallie literally saved their lives. The poisoning they encountered was a certain death sentence but because of all of your care they are still with us today. Thank you is the least I can say.

James T.

My cat Nutty had to be put asleep. They're very compassionate. Even sent a sympathy card Thank you WAHPR for the card. Meant a lot yo know you all care.

Nancy C.

I am so impressed by my experience here last night, (this morning ). The doctor is everything a Vet should be. She's smart, attentive, compassionate, thorough and all things good. I'm so pleased with our visit. Thank you for being there!

Nancy L.

A sincere thank you to WAHPR for taking such great care of our precious Kirby who got very ill while we were away on vacation with him. He's recovering nicely at home now and is just about back to normal. You guys are the best!!!

Nina W

I want to thank everyone at Pet Retreat for taking such good care of Adak and Talluah while we were on vacation. They must have had a great time because they've done nothing but sleep since we brought them home.

Lynne S

Thank you to your entire staff and Dr. Ransom for taking such wonderful care of Louie and Maggie......they are both feeling better and taking their fluids like such big girls.

Sue L

Today I brought my two cats to WAHPR for their annual exam and vaccines. K.K. tried to hide anywhere she could, including behind the computer screen. We saw our favorite technician, Andrea and one of our favorite vets, Dr. Ransom. Thanks for the top notch care and diagnostics and for tolerating Mitchell, the Original Grumpy Cat. He will call after he poops to schedule his xray.

Genel L

Thank you WAHPR staff for taking care of Leela, and her final arrangements. Our family was fortunate to have such compassionate support during a very difficult time.

Emily F

Thank you to your great staff for taking care of my cat Jack. I think he would have lost his foot if it hadn't been for you. He's doing great!

Chris B

Thank-You for the wonderful care that you gave Mohave and the amazing compassion that you showed my family. Mohave is now at the Rainbow Bridge and no longer in pain. Your staff was amazing and so respectful. Thank you.

Kristi W

Thanks for everything you guys did for Thatcher (the bunny) He seems to be doing good and is snuggled down in a mountain of hay

Roberta B

Dr. Kat Ransom saved my dog Zoe when she was ill with pancreatitis several years ago. I can't say enough good things about her and I wouldn't hesitate to call them in an emergency.

Patricia A.

Wachusett Animal Hospital opened their doors for us and our girl on a Sunday evening ... performing emergency surgery just after midnight. They are the best and offer a service not available at most animal hospitals. A blessing

Joan W.

Wachusett Animal Hospital was also there for our pet with only minutes to spare...They are Wonderful, I continuously tell people of them and the great care and realizing our pets are our family. If you love them in an emergency, you will love them as your Vet of choice also!

Wendy P.

They were there for us for a 1 am emergency c-section on a Sunday night (when my regular vet was supposed to be on call for us but referred us to Tufts instead.) They were AMAZING and are now our regular vet.

Jennifer H.

They were incredibly sensitive and comforting when we had to put my 14 yr old cat to sleep-I received a beautiful card after that was signed with personal notes by the whole staff. They are wonderful with all of my animals-love them!

Chris R.

We currently live 2 minutes from WAHPR and while we haven't had to use them for any emergencies we have toured the facility for future boarding and were so impressed. We will be moving soon and I would not hesitate to use them even after the move much further away.

Kristen F.

When my dog Tucker was having trouble breathing last year (on Sunday) a call to our "vet" referred us to another vet 45+ minutes away! I said screw it, called Wachusett Animal who told us to come right away. Sadly Tucker died en route, but when we got to Wachusett they took him in, gave us a lovely paw print memento and treated us with respect for our loss. A few days later we received a lovely sympathy card from them, and we weren't even their clients! Needless to say, when we do get another pet, we will go to Wachusett!

Patty L.

Our English Mastiff was being boarded at a Gardner vet when he came down with a stomach virus and became very dehydrated. We got a call at 3 in the afternoon(we were 300 miles away on vacation) from the vet, and told we needed to come home from vacation and bring him to tufts in Boston to get IV fluids. When I asked why couldn't YOU THE VET give him fluids, they told us it would take at least 6 hours to give him the fluids he desperately needs, and we close at 5. And NOBODY stays AFTER 5!!!!! We left that vet in Gardner and are now very happy at Wachusett. it’s a great piece of mind knowing somebody will be there no matter what time it is.

Eric H.

Took my PIT there for first time 3 weeks ago for nail clipping...lets just say.. In the past he had to be put under from the stress of it. Not only were they able to do it w him awake..w NO probs.. But called me back the next day to see how he was... VERY kids DRS office doesn't even do that after broken bones or hospitalizations!!! HONEST! They WILL be my new hosp for both pets...


Thank you! I heard so many wonderful stories of your facility, your entire compassionate staff, that I now feel confident, that I can depend on your facility, if ever I or family,& friends need to bring our pets! Wachusett Animal Hospital will be the 1st call I make if needed!

Sharon T.

Only place we'll take our two cats & two dogs. Highly recommend them.

Serena L.

I am not close to Wachusett Animal Hospital and so do not use them as my vet but have heard of many wonderful experiences of pet owners.

Cheryl R.

Love....Love....Wachusett Animal Hospital, would not go anywhere else.

Sandy W.

As I've said many, many times before: Wachusett Vets & staff saved my little puppy's life last year. More than once. She would definitely not be alive today if not for them & their proximity. I will be eternally grateful. Had the same issue of no emergency after-hours with my decades long relationship with the local vet. Thankfully, they are very supportive of my new one with Wachusett. I still split my time out of loyalty but Wachusett will always be top-notch for me.

Christina B.

I used Wachusett for an emergency in October of 2011 (I called ahead in a snow storm and not during business hours). Even though my outcome was not a good one, my dog Momma received excellent care and they were very compassionate to me in my sadness. I had to leave her there, not being able to bury her because of the weather. I later received a hand written note from the Vet on call, expressing that the decision I made was right, and her heart felt apologies. I have since used them to have my 2 new dogs micro chipped, and was very pleased with the service again.

Alison L.

Just to add...they don't see birds, BUT when I had a crisis with 2 of my ducks, they had me bring them in. Ultimately they had to be put down, but they were SO great! I have had to use them a few times for an emergency and they are wonderful. I agree, when something sad happens, the cards and sympathy...SO great. I wouldn't go anywhere else!!!

Julie O.

Love Wachusett AH , saved my dogs life and the staff is the best !!!

Stephen A.

We've been with them since they opened. Last year, our dog was hit by a car while we were out of state. The care they gave her, & frequent updates they provided us will NEVER be forgotten! Glad to report she is happy & healthy today

Serena L.

We used them too when our dog decided to kiss a porcupine one night. . Good experience for us too

Marci M.

I am currently very happy with my vet, but had to take my dog to Wachusett on a Saturday evening because I thought she was going to lose her eye. I was worried that she would need a specialist, so I called ahead. They were amazing, and her injury turned out to be minor, thank God. But I am SOOO grateful that they are there, and will use them only for any emergency visits. I am so glad to have such a competent, caring alternative to Tufts!!! And my sister is bringing her dog there now too.

Laurie C.

So good to know where we can turn in the event anything goes wrong with one of our two dogs while we are visiting from Florida. Will have to visit your website for contact information!

Juanita L.

we  WAHPR too...they saved my cat on Labor Day without any hesitation... they were are so wonderful!!!!

Kelly L

After being misdiagnosed by another local clinic I brought my beloved Hissyfit to Wachusett Animal Hospital. They offered me quality medicine and did not assume I would decline based on money. Dr. Borodic, Funk and Ransom all tried to help her but it was too late. I received the phone call that her repeat labs showed severe kidney failure and nothing could be done. Even though it was after hours they waited for my husband and I to get there to say our final goodbyes to our precious cat. Dr. Ransom gave us all the time we needed and was very compassionate. I called the first vet to tell them she was PTS and never got a card. Wahpr sent a card signed by all three doctors. Shortly after I brought another pet in and they called me into the same room that hissy was pts in. I explained I could not be in that room. They understood and marked my records and have never tried to call me into that same room again. I can't say enough about this place. See you guys Monday with the two coonhounds.

Genel L.

This not our normal Vet , but when my dog got sick over a weekend, we took him here. We learned he had cancer,we didn't have the money it would take for treatments. The Vet's here managed to get him into Tuft's. And he qualified for a free program. He is now in remission.  I am very thankful that they went above & beyond for a dog that wasn't even their normal patient.

Karen C.

Wachusett is THE BEST especially for emergency situations. They saved my cat after my regular vet said the only option was to put him down.

Barbara C.

My pit did not like the other vet every time we went he would put his tail between his legs bark and pee everywhere. He came down sick one Sunday night and we brought him to WAHPT. As soon as we walked in he perked up some and sniffed around. He was more at ease here. We switched vets to only find out he has more medically wrong with him and what his skin issue really is! They are very compassionate and loving to my Bronx. I don’t know what i would do without him.

Helena M.

Dr. Ransom has saved my pug Roxy's life on 2 occasions, the first one was over a weekend that she was having cluster seizures... From Thursday til Sunday I spoke to Dr. Ransom at least 6 times, and we were not clients! Needless to say I called the office on Monday morning make an appointment for Roxy to see Dr. Ransom, after her appointment called my vet & asked to have both of my pugs records faxed to Wachusett!

Kim M.

I travel a lot so I am at a disadvantage for vets sometimes but if a vet will give you there home number or cell number it's a good chance you have a good caring vet. On the same subject it took me 6 vet interviews here in Phx to get a home number and some one that gave a s--t. I may be anal but I love my babys.

Daniel B.

Wish I had known about Wachusett when my cat threw a clot to his hindquarters and then en route to the "affiliate" in Nashua to his lung. Devastating ride. Our new cat will stay local

Annie B.

I also needed care for my dying cat and went to WACHUSETT. They were awesome and very caring and professional at such a sad time for us

Nancy L.

I wish I could find someone like them. I love my vet but Wed. are for surgery and half the time they are not available on Fridays and they are never open on the weekends or after hours. They send us somewhere 30 minutes or more away. And the vet here in town I don't like at all.

Gaile S.

My dog Bella had a seizure for 3 hours during the snow storm in Oct 2011. I knew she wouldn't make it and I received the same message bring her an hour away. I honestly thought of smothering her to put the poor girl out of her misery but I couldn't do it. Wachusett had someone there who took us in and helped us through this difficult time. Thanks a million to them for the support and help we needed. Today I bring my dog Jack to them for everything. No offense to the very good vet I took Bella to, I just feel more secure knowing if something like that ever happens again they will be there for us.

Nancy B.

I took Henry there when he first got sick. I thought they did a great job and I would go there again. I went there because my regular vet's office was closed. Wachusett called my vet the following day to brief her and then my regular vet checked in with me.

Kathleen S.

My sisters dog was also attacked by another dog and was treated at wachusett animal hospital. without their help coco puff probably wouldnt be here today.

Hannah D.

You guys are amazing!!! Several months ago in the middle if the night of puppy kisses a porcupine.... And you brought us in right away.... Friendly staff!! Many thanks

Kelly H.

had to use your emergency services last February for my dog Benjamin Jacob..was very impressed with your staff and facility, if you were closer to my home I'd have change over to you for even my regular vet needs. Great work, wonderful people.

Tori W.

WAHPR is the best! Thank you so much for caring for our little family members. Willow and Sapphire love you!

Nikki M.

I cannot say enough about what a wonderful place WAH is...I had to call their ER this morning when I found 2 of my ducks had been horribly attacked. They don't treat birds normally but were so kind to take us in anyways. Sadly, they did not make it as their injuries were too bad and the best choice was to euthanize. This is not my first time having to bring in a pet to WAH for this, and they are so wonderful, caring, and sensitive...I am SO glad they are our vets! Thank you ALL for all that you do...especially this morning. (I wish I could remember everyone's name but I was so upset...but I remember your faces and am so grateful for you all.)

Julie H.

Wachusett Animal Hospital saw our dog Squirt on an emergency visit this past Monday. Unfortunately we had to have him put down, but the doctor and the staff were absolutely incredible. You all handled everything so well, at a time when we couldn't even think clearly. I have had animals my whole life and I have seen nearly every veterinarian from Belchertown to Concord at one time or another. While I have always seen qualified doctors for my animals I have NEVER been more impressed with a doctor or a facility. You have a fantastic practice and the most respectful loving staff. Kudos to you all. Our family genuinely appreciates all that you did and how you handled such a difficult time for us. Thank you

Malisa Y.

Took my sweet male borzoi there this past Saturday ! He is now waiting for his blood work to come back to see if he will be a good candidate for his dental canine advanced :-( Hoping he will as he is a real heart dog :-) The staff were great and even called today to see how he is doing :-) Keeping fingers and paws crossed that he will be able to have the dental and will feel better soon :-) Told our local ACO about the place:-) We have needed such a place and they are very professional and caring to their pets and owners :-) So glad that Paxton AH tech Christie Miller suggested them as Dr Wang was away for the weekend !

Jane K.

I would like to thank WAHPR for taking such good care of our JRT and myself over the weekend. It was 2:30-3:00 A.M. when I decided that she really needed to be seen. We were fostering another dog with the hope of keeping her and she attacked our little girl. Abby is doing just fine; the other dog had to leave as she attacked again a couple of days later. We are all okay thanks to you reassuring us that Abby would be a-okay given a little time. Again, thank you!

Jessica R.

Had to take Molly to the vet yesterday (nothing serious, just a routine checkup and she's doing great) but I just had to say the staff at Wachusett Animal Hospital and Pet Retreat is phenomenal. Oh, and for those of you that the use the daycare and boarding facilities, they will be reopening in February.

Gerardo I.

Thank You for all you have done and are doing for my dog "cookie" . People can't believe she is 14 and this active and I give praise to you and her treatment of her Lyme disease. This is her on Mt. Watatic today after her appt. this morning.

Stephen A.

Thank you to all the Staff and Doctor's at Wachusett Animal Hospital for taking such wonderful care of Rangeley after the accident, he has now finished the second surgery and is home resting on his bed and should be back to himself soon! It is wonderful to know that there are such caring and terrific people to love and help your pets when you can't. We really appreciated all that you did.

Thank you, Sara & Brad W.

This is truly the best place to send your furry loved ones!

Tiffany B.

This was our beautiful kitty named Chester, all I can say is thank you to this vet office for being extremely caring, even though I was a mess balling my eyes out while I brought him into you. Everyone from the front desk staff to the assistants, techs and doctors were very patient and nice while we went thru those very sad moments that followed. Miss him so much already and morning breakfast conversations will be sad for a while I think. Thank you again for being as amazing with me and our beloved kitty.

Heather B.

Just wanted to share that Roxie is thriving thanks to Dr Ransom and the staff! She is eating her food, drinking and playing!

Julie O.

My dad and brother brought our 16 year old dog champ into your clinic almost a month ago and you all were wonderful with him. i wanted to say thank you for everything you did for him even though we ended up having to put him down i know you guys did everything you could for him. so thank you so much. he had a wonderful long life and you made it possible for him to go comfortably and peacefully. so again thank you...

Courtney M.

We are really indebted to the clinic staff for the amazing care our 16 week old English Bulldog, Bentley received in March. After aspirating on his food Bentley became unresponsive. We had to perform some emergency measures of chest compressions, mouth sweeps and stomach compressions to get him to come back to us. He started to respond but we could tell he was very sick when his lips and tongue turned blue then horribly white. We rushed our puppy to your clinic and things appeared very dire as his lungs were filled with fluid and he was not responding to initial treatment. With broken hearts and not much hope we left our little guy in your clinics caring and talented hands. At 5:30 am I finally mustered the courage to place a call expecting the worst. When I identified myself the staff member greeted me with the best news. Bennie was wagging his tail and licking staff happily and had been taken off of oxygen at 2:30 that morning because he responded so well to treatment. He continues to thrive thanks to the close proximity of such a great clinic. If we had to travel further out I don't believe he would have survived the ride. Thank you to everyone on staff for the exceptional and amazing care of our little guy. You have made one little boy very happy to have his 'santa present' home with him and feeling healthy and happy.

Jennifer D.

We would like to thank the entire staff at Wachusett Animal Hospital, and especially Dr. Funk, for their extraordinary kindness and compassion. Our sweet old terrier mix had been in failing health for some time, but took a turn for the worse on a recent Saturday. His regular veterinarian was not available, so I am very grateful that Wachusett Animal Hospital is always available. Though we had never been there before, everyone seemed to go out of their way to help us. Dr. Funk took the time to talk to us about all options and showed great compassion and patience. We very much appreciate this kindness during a very difficult time. Thank you

Marcia M.

My husband and I would like to express our appreciation for taking such good care of our boys this weekend (Rex and Zeus).  We do not board them often (Zeus is a year old and had never been boarded before) so needless to say, I/we were very nervous leaving them even just over night!)   But your technician was So nice and seemed very competent, it eased our minds when we left them on Saturday morning.  We picked them up Sunday afternoon and they were Very happy to see us, but you could tell that they had a good time! Your technician gave us a rundown of how their time went - how they ate and played, etc.   You could tell that she paid attention to what was going on with them --  (I hope you know how much that means to people like us who aren't used to boarding their dogs).Thank you again for providing this service.  Your facility is Wonderful - clean, friendly, and close to home.  We will definitely be back!

Darlene C.

We absolutely will! You have saved us on many occasions with after-hours care for our ferrets, cat and dog - and we are so thankful for your kind staff!! PS Duncan will be back for some more daycare soon!

Bonnie P.

We had our first experience with WAHPR on Christmas Eve (at 10:30pm) when we ended up at WAHPR with our Boxer Bo Sox after he ate a ham bone and his pancreatitis was acting up. Your staff took such good care of him, even leaving their Holiday events to treat him, that we switched vets immediately. Since then Bo Sox also goes to daycare once a week to play and LOVES every minute of it. I only have to say "Want to go to daycare" and he is waiting at the front door. Thank you!

Dawn B.

I have been a client of WAHPR for almost 2 years and have been so happy that I read about their opening in the paper and decided to try them. Best decision ever! All the staff are friendly and professional. The medical care of the animals is top notch and they are always patient with my never ending questions and my panicked emergency calls. The breed of dogs that I own have a reputation for being difficult and previous vet clinics have mishandled my dogs, either by being unsympathetic to my male's high strung character or outright manhandling the dogs, even though mine are all very friendly and social. Everyone at WAHPR has always handled my animals correctly and appropriately for the individual animal and that's what matters most. One of my females used to submissively urinate every time she went to one clinic but she loves everyone at WAHPR and goes in there wagging her tail.

Ann L

I have been to WAHPR 3 times since last October with both of my dogs, Sapphire & Willow, and I have been so impressed with the friendly, caring staff and how thorough they are compared to other vets we've been to. we feel welcome there and know that we can trust our girls' lives in their hands!

Nikki M